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Each cake that I make is one of a kind, so therefore I do not have a set price per cake. Below you will find a price per serving as a guideline, but the final cost of the cake varies depending on filling, type of decorating, extra gumpaste work etc. When you contact me, I can give you a better idea of the final price once I know what it is that you have in mind! Please note that the prices listed below are a starting price.

Please Note: Two weeks notice is appreciated but if I have a high volume of orders, I may not be able to accommodate your order. The best thing to do is reserve your date early!

If you place your order with less than 2 weeks notice, your order may be subject to a rush fee.

Cake Prices

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Basic Cakes start at $2.50 a serving
Tiered Cakes start at $2.75 a serving
3D/Carved Cakes start at $3.00 a serving
Sheet Cakes start at $2.00 a serving
Smash Cakes start at $5.00

** Figures, flowers, tiaras, etc. are an extra cost above the price per serving

** minimum $30 order


 Amanda's Custom Cakes

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Cupcakes (**price per cupcake)

Regular Cupcakes
     - decorated with a simple buttercream icing swirl - $2.00
- decorated with a specialty buttercream icing - $2.25
- buttercream icing with fondant/gumpaste extras - start at $2.25

** 3D figures will cost extra and are priced per order
** minimum 1 dozen order


Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies can be made in almost any shape, just let your imagination guide you! I flavour them with a special combination of top quality flavours and they can be decorated with royal icing or fondant.

Basic cookies start at $2.75 a cookie for roughly 3"-4" cookies and go up depending upon degree of difficulty and size.

** minimum 1 dozen cookie order


Sugar Cookie Bouquets 

Sugar cookie bouquet's start at $5 a cookie, depending on the complexity of the design. That price includes the cookie, stick, packaging, ribbon and the pot. The cookies can be almost any shape, and decorated with royal icing or fondant. They are packaged in a clear treat bag and tied with ribbon.

** minimum 3 cookies per bouquet


Cake Pops & Cake Balls

Cake pops are delicious baked cake mixed with a little icing, rolled into balls, put on a lollipop stick and dipped in chocolate. Cake balls are the same, but without a stick. They can be decorated with sprinkles, drizzled chocolate or anything else. Each cake pop is about the size of a Tim Bit. They can be made with any flavour of cake and dipped in any colour of chocolate. I can also do custom shaped cake pops, such as Santa Hats, Christmas Trees, baby chicks etc. at an additional cost.

Cake balls - $1.50
Cake Pops - $

** minimum 12 cake pop/cake ball order

Cake Pop Bouquets

Cake pop bouquets are cake pops packaged in a bag, tied with ribbon and arranged in a pot like the cookie bouquets. They are $3 a cake pop, and that includes the cake pop, stick, packaging, ribbon, pot and tissue paper.

** minimum 6 cake pops per bouquet

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